P.L.A.N. was designed with the needs of the homeowner in mind. When faced with damage to your most valued investment as a result of wind, hail, mold or any natural disaster, it is a devastating and overwhelming time in your life. P.L.A.N. understands how impactful this can be and has designed a tool to restore your life again. The process is simple and strategically designed to get the best outcome for your investment.

P.L.A.N. is based on 4 core principles: trust, loyalty, commitment to excellence, and most importantly, integrity. As your advocate, we provide you with the necessary tool to execute a successful outcome for your individual case. Our Attorney and Contractor Members are meticulously selected based upon their professional reputation, commitment to excellence, and of course, integrity. We do not accept anything less from our members.


Is it too late to ask for help?

Simply put: NO. It is NOT too late. You may be at any of the stages below and we can help you:

  1. Prior to contacting your insurance company
  2. During a pending claim with your insurance company
  3. After your claim has been denied by your insurance company
  4. After your claim has already been paid; a previous claim can be reopened pending attorney review

How can your firm help me?

Great question! Our P.L.A.N. member attorneys specialize in the areas of Consumer Protection and Property Damage Claims. Many of us are homeowners as can empathize. This is exactly why we have come together to provide homeowners a tool that will help ease the overwhelming stress that a claim can cause. Our member attorneys have represented numerous homeowners in disputes with their insurance company with regard to storm, wind, lightning, hail and storm claims. Most homeowners do not have the experience of resolving a property damage claim with their insurance company and are at a disadvantage with their insurance company. Our experienced attorneys help level the playing field to your benefit by meticulously investing your damages in a professional and expeditious manner. Our goal is to maximize the valuation of your claim as quickly as possible.


We always accept cases that pertain to any "Act of God", such as: wind, hail, lightning, hurricanes, and tropical storms on a Contingency Fee Basis. Simply put, you don’t pay us anything. We do all the legal legwork and if your case is fruitful, our fees are negotiated through the insurance company. Lastly, if your insurance company did not follow the guidelines in evaluating and paying your claim, they may be subject to a potential "Bad Faith" lawsuit, which may provide you with additional compensation beyond that listed in your insurance policy. Basically, you have nothing to lose.