The difficulty in playing the “insurance game” is recognized by any contractor that has attempted to represent their customer’s (homeowner’s) interests. Yet, who other than a seasoned contractor knows how to repair damage, and through that experience can recognize wind or hail damage better than a contractor? Many of us would never think twice about asking a contractor what caused the damage and “does my insurance cover it”. Unfortunately, the contractor must take a passive role and explain somewhat disingenuously that he knows nothing about insurance and that only an insurance adjuster (an adjuster hired by the insurance company) a lawyer, or a Public Adjuster can adjust the damage to his customer’s home.

Further, the mere disagreement between a contractor and an insurance adjuster creates the appearance of Public Adjusting on behalf of the homeowner. When coupled with advice on policy wording, benefits, timing of the benefits, or laws and regulations that may affect the policy are the practice of law.

Have you as the contractor ever informed a customer that they have insurance coverage?

Have you disagreed with an insurance adjuster and asked the carrier, (Insurance Company), to send another adjuster out?

You have arguably violated the laws protecting consumers from public adjusting without a license, and giving legal advice without being a lawyer. From a contractor’s point-of-view, assisting his client is his objective; however, the determination of the amount the policyholder may take, as money must be left to attorneys and adjusters.

Contractors cannot practice law or adjust claims. For the same practical reasons, Public Adjusters may not be contractors and certainly may not practice law.

PLAN creates the mechanism to AVOID PUBLIC ADJUSTING OR PRACTICING LAW WITHOUT A LICENSE by teaming attorneys local to the homeowners and that specialize in the process of adjusting claims legally and efficiently.

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