P.L.A.N. was designed with very specific guidelines in mind to assist all participating Attorney Members in properly executing a successful settlement, and assisting property damage claimants (“Homeowners”) and contractors in the insurance claim arena. The goals of P.L.A.N. are focused on pairing Homeowners with participating qualified and experienced attorneys and contractors without running awry of the laws prohibiting solicitation, practicing law without a license, or engaging in the act of unlawful public adjusting.

Thus, P.L.A.N. affords the Homeowner the benefit of a lawyer regarding policy wording, benefits, timing of the benefits, laws and regulations affecting the policy as well as securing professionals to determine the timing and scope of loss, values of materials, labor, skill of labor needed, time needed, and material quality. These critical functions are necessary to determine the amount the policyholder may take as ensure adequate compensation for their loss (the “Claim”). A Public Adjuster can adjust the Claim or dispute the findings of an insurance company’s hired gun (the “Insurance Adjuster”), but they cannot give advice regarding the policy or act as a contractor. Accordingly, it just makes sense that the Homeowner secures an attorney to lawfully achieve proper adjustment of an insurance claim.

So, what does this mean to you? Your membership gives you exclusive access to P.L.A.N.’s leads that are supplied by contractors in your geographic area(s) of practice, mentoring program, back office assistance and software are specifically designed to assist in maintaining and streamlining your cases, official documents necessary for the execution of a successful case. Potential clients contact P.L.A.N., chose from one of up to three local attorneys (no more than three per geographical region), and an introduction is made.

The system is completely online and tracks and maintains the detailed events and communications regarding the Claim. No searching for the insurance policy, the contractor’s estimate, contact information, and detailed damage documentation inclusive of verifications and pictures. All you do once assigned a client, is contact them (they will be awaiting your call from a P.L.A.N. introduction), check conflicts, and secure your retainer agreement. A Letter of Representation will be created for you to upload into the system once the retainer agreement is returned to you (and remaining with you, not P.L.A.N.). P.L.A.N. can do research, assembly of expert reports such as weather, and Xactamate™, and retention of your experts for depositions and trial.

P.L.A.N. also is built on 4 very basic, yet, powerful core principles that support the integrity of P.L.A.N. and its members: trust, loyalty, commitment to excellence, and most importantly, integrity.

As a result, all contractors that refer their customers, (Homeowners), to P.L.A.N. are members of the National Storm Contractors Association (N.S.C.A.), a sister company of PLAN, that requires and mentors contractors in proper escrow techniques, budgeting, and quality of materials concerns for Homeowners. The Claim is a verified, bone fide, and legitimate Insurance Claim with all support necessary to pursue the Claim. P.L.A.N. does not generate a list of possible leads – PLAN leads are the Claims.

If you wish to become a member of P.L.A.N., the link below is a document explaining the expectations of our Attorney Members and the fees charged by P.L.A.N. A signature acknowledging this document is necessary to begin your membership application for a specific geographic region. There is no subscription fee for the first year.